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Kickoff for Battery-Attest with the FFB - Development of a high-speed CT system for quality assurance of battery cells

An exciting partnership between VCbattery, diondo GmbH - X-ray systems and services, Fraunhofer-Einrichtung Forschungsfertigung Batteriezelle FFB, and Fraunhofer IMTE starts. The purpose of this project is to develop a high-speed CT system for 3D inline quality assurance of battery cells.

New types of X-ray sources use liquid metal to dissipate the heat from the so-called focal spot and can therefore achieve a much higher output than is normally possible with standard cooled Solid target X-ray tubes. This has recently made it possible to take a CT scan down to one second. Previously, a minute was a realistic figure.

This high acquisition speed of three-dimensional images is helpful to ensure the integration of a CT system directly into the production line of batteries, whose production cycle is also in the range of seconds. VCbattery supplies disruptive cutting-edge technology for this exciting project.

For application-oriented testing, the demonstrator is integrated into the FFB sample line, and measurements are taken during operation. This approach combines inline inspection with high-resolution laboratory CT, providing innovative investigation possibilities using the latest CT technology. This project aims to make battery cell production and recycling more sustainable.  Efficient battery recycling requires identifying the individual component materials, particularly different cathode compositions. To achieve this, we will conduct a multispectral analysis using a special photon-counting detector.

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