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Disruptive EV battery X-ray & CT inspection solutions

With our cutting-edge competencies in high-quality 3D X-ray images, high-speed material handling and data analysis, we support you along the full lifecycle of a battery. We provide high resolution in R&D, highest speed at your production line, and high power to inspect dense components for 2nd use as well as sustainable recycling process. We are focusing on the whole value chain and lifecycle of the battery - this is in a class of its own in the market.

We provide outstanding 3D X-ray inspection solutions in a long-term 30% CAGR environment, making sure that you are perfectly equipped to control typical defects such as porosity, inclusion, foreign particles, overhang, deflection, imperfections, delamination and deflamination.

As a customer-centered division of VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions - the global market leader in industrial X-ray technology -, battery cell, module and battery system manufacturers and OEM's as well as labs find in us the specialist with proven industry expertise.

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As VCbattery, we combine specific EV battery industry knowledge with the strengths of our associated company VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions - German global market leading specialist in industrial 2D X-ray - and its group member diondo - the cutting-edge CT system provider. 

The cycle time of the manufacturing process is crucial, especially when considering the customer's demand for quick turnaround. Ensuring that every battery undergoes inspection in a timely manner is essential, as delays can impact the overall production efficiency. The need to test 100% of batteries inline adds complexity to maintaining a swift manufacturing pace while maintaining quality control. Achieving reliable measurements is paramount to ensure the quality and performance of each battery. Meeting industry standards adds an additional layer of complexity.

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